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    1. Gemalto Cogent ACE-V Manager

      ???????????????????????????Gemalto Cogent ACE-V Manager

      Automating the ACE-V process

      The Gemalto ACE-V Manager software provides an intuitive, logical system that organizes by case and records notes, evidence and annotations. With advanced enhancement capabilities built into the program and the ability to integrate with ABIS systems, ACE-V Manager enables forensic departments to manage cases with consistency and efficiency.


      Designed with Industry Expertise

      In combination with industry experts, ACE-V Manager was designed with forensic examiners in mind in order to address their everyday pain points. Whether it be the large case load and ever increasing backlog or the manual paperwork that is done today, ACE-V Manager is able to address these.


      • Gemalto Cogent ACE-V Manager

        Gemalto Cogent ACE-V Manager

        Technical Data Sheet

        ACE-V Manager
      • Gemalto Cogent ACE-V Manager

        Automating the ACE-V process

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